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​​​​Mr. Adam Umbrasas

Commodore's Corner_________________________________


I hope everyone had a very enjoyable boating season. The weather surely cooperated this year. There are still plenty of boats in the harbor so it might not quite be over yet.

I’d like to start this note by thanking the membership for their trust in electing me Commodore for this upcoming 2016/2017 year. It’s a tremendous responsibility but I know it will be a great year with the help and support of our terrific and dedicated membership.
Next, it’s my pleasure to announce our blue ribbon line up of flag officers and board of directors for the year.
     Vice Commodore of Power- Ray Bock Jr.
     Vice Commodore of Sail- Dana Hybil
    Rear Commodore- Paul Billingslea
     Treasurer- Brian Campbell
     Secretary- Linda Henderson
Rounding out the Board we have Ron Donkersloot, Mike Hart, Brian Poynton, Mark Kroll, Tom Smith and Bobby Spirito. I look forward to working with these individuals to move the Club forward and continue providing an excellent experience for our members, friends and guests.

The four major focuses will be Member Experience, Community Outreach, Fiscal Stability and Communication. 
Member Experience- This will be our broadest category as it covers how our members perceive the Club, interact with other members and employees and view our facilities. We will be working to collect feedback,and implement those improvements through relentless positive action.
Community Outreach-When our Club was originally founded we had a mission to educate the community on boating and we played an instrumental role in bringing this harbor to New Buffalo. It’s time to get back to our mission and host educational events for NBYC members and community members as well. We are also working on a youth education program for both power and sail. An educated boating community is a safe boating community.
Fiscal Stability- Following the direction of the previous administration, we’d like to build up an operational reserve fund, establish a debt service program and a capital improvement plan. 
Communication- The Board will be looking at multiple ways to communicate. In addition to the newsletter,  different social media and internet tools will be used to communicate with our members, friends, guests and potential new members.

These are a few of our main focuses for the upcoming year.  With active participation from our membership we can accomplish our goals and many many more.
Again, I thank you for the honor of serving as Commodore of this Club and join a group of dedicated individuals who have served before me.

Fair Winds and Flowing Seas,
Adam J. Umbrasas


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